I Fired My Boss, And Hired Myself!

October 09, 2020  •  2 Comments


I Fired My Boss and Hired Myself


I’m Kellie Finch, owner and lead photographer at KFinch Photography. Just a small town girl living a dream. On this 1 year anniversary of the day I nervously put in my two weeks at my former job, I pay homage to the woman who was brave enough to say “enough is enough!" I’ve been doing photography for 15 years now, always on the side and I’ve always had a full time job. I’ve always looked at my photography business as a supplement to my income. It was working for me, but boy was I paying for it in other ways, missing time with my son, working a full 8 hour shift coming home eating and feeding my son late and then staying up between 10pm-2am to edit and still deliver to my clients. I was tired.


Two years ago I prayed and asked God for a way out. A way to do what I loved and to still be able to sustain my lifestyle. I’ve never been one to live above my means or splurge on anything so I knew it would be possible, yet I was mortified. I confided in and sought council from my parents, my pastors and my mentors who were all so supportive. There had been some buzz about who KFinch Photography was and by this point I had been featured in several publications, Magazines and Tv, yet I was still untrusting that this would be possible for me. 


Everyday for two years I would sit at my full time good paying job (with benefits) and sob because deep down I KNEW that this just wasn’t it. I’m a God girl and I tend to lean into what I feel he is saying to me. One morning just like any other morning I kissed my son, sent him off to school, stopped at Dunkin’ and drove to work. Empty. I sat at my desk and immediately I felt the strongest sense of urgency that I have ever felt in my life. TODAY was the day. It couldn’t be any other day but today. I still had so many questions. What if I don’t have enough saved? It’s just me, what if I fail? What happens to my mortgage? But then I heard “But what if you don’t fail. Nervously I obliged, I wrote my two weeks notice right then and there. It was almost as if someone was writing it for me, as if someone was pushing me toward the office door. I walked into my bosses office and told her that I needed to give her something. At that point there was no turning back. Shaking, I handed her the letter and told her that I have decided to officially resign from the position and go into business full time for myself. My then boss said something that sticks with me to this day: “I wish I had the guts to do what you are doing, go Kellie, you’ve got this!” Her words were so reassuring that I was making the right decision. 


After that day I can truly say that I have not looked back. I was able to focus and give 100% of myself to my business and double my income. Has it been easy? Absolutely not. Has it been worth it? Absolutely! The story is still being written. Everyday I wake up grateful that I have my life and my time back. I’m able to do what I love and live the life that I’ve always dreamed of at the same time! This is a story about trust, in yourself and in God that what you have is all you need. 


Until next time, light and love 

Ms. K.Finch


Photo: Austin Hill for KFinch Photography 

Makeup- Ciara Hall


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She Came For Business and Left A Fiance'! Tiffani + Terrance

September 25, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Don't we just love stories like these?!

My client Tiffani booked me months ago for a branding session for her new business venture. Just a day after she booked, her boyfriend Terrance contacted me secretly about surprising her with a marriage proposal at the end of her session! Of course I HAD to shoot it.

As nervous as I was about blowing the whole ordeal, after about a month of planning today was the big day. We met at the Hotel at Arundel Preserves in Maryland and began our shoot. I was in constant contact with Terrance as he gave me play by plays, her parents, friends and extended family were parked quietly in the parking garage waiting for my que.


Just as Tiffani and I were finishing up I pretended to do a "over the shoulder' shot having Tiffani face away from me so that her family and friends could slip in. At that moment my heart could have literally jumped out of my chest. I instructed her to turn around and the rest, is history. Enjoy the digital story below. 

- Ms. KFinch

Photographer: Kellie Finch

Location: The Hotel At Arundel Preserves


KFinch Photography Lifestyle Shoot For Arian Simone

January 20, 2019  •  2 Comments


      Over the weekend the KFinch Photography team had the pleasure of meeting and capturing the beauty that is Ms. Arian Simone. The fearless fashion mogul, author, motivator, and entrepreneur. Ms Simone stopped in the DMV area to promote her newest book "Fearless Faith + Hustle". While she was in town we thought it was the perfect time to capture some moments for her. Ms. Simone's detailed OOTD is from her luxury clothing  collection, Ariansimonecollection. Take a look at the behind the scenes footage of her shoot with us!



Founder & CEO Of KFinch Photography, Kellie Finch


Behind the Scenes


Get The Looks At ArianSimoneCollection





















Lead Photographer | Kellie Finch

Videography | Lighting Assistant: Darien Vendreys 

Visual Direction | Assistant Asya Minion 

Shanna and Eddie's Fun, Bold and Elegant Baltimore Engagement Shoot

June 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This Fun Engagement shoot was recently featured on MUNALUCHI BRIDAL. Check it out here: http://munaluchibridal.com/shanna-and-eddies-fun-bold-and-elegant-baltimore-engagement/


Shanna & Eddie will be married this year! Congrats to the beautiful couple!

Major thanks to the Mt. Washington Tavern in Baltimore for lending their space for my assistant and I to capture this. 

The KFinch Experience

May 11, 2018  •  3 Comments

What is it like to experience a session with KFinch?

Watch the video below for EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes footage of a wedding styled shoot. 

This "Vintage Glam" wedding style shoot was shot by Kellie Finch Of Kfinch Photography.

Also featured on Aisle perfect, check out the blog here:Aisle Perfect Blog Feature 

Video by: Gifted Films

The KFinch ExperienceBTS Footage Of Wedding Styled Shoot


Host: Ceresville Mansion| https://ceresville.com

Photographer: kfinchphotography| www.Kfinchphotography.com 

Direction: Kellie Finch| https://www.instagram.com/kfinchphotography/

Direction: Stacey Bolden| https://www.instagram.com/aseventco/

Assistant to photographer: Chanelle Anderson| No website 

Cake Design: A&S Event Company| https://www.instagram.com/aseventco/

Coordinator: A&S Event Company| https://www.instagram.com/aseventco/

Florist: Bellafiorievents| www.Bellafioriflowers.com 

Stationery: Gails Gala Events| https://www.instagram.com/gailsgalaevents/

Bridal Stylist: Sam Smith| Newvintagebysam|  http://www.newvintagebysam.com

Gown: Baltimore Bridal Suite| Www.Baltimorebridalsuite.com 

Hair: Heather Comer| Thiscurlygirlrocks & Blend_thesalon| www.blendbeautysalon.com 

Barber: Jess_thebarber| www.blendbeautysalon.com 

Groom Stylist: Mgm_haberdashery| www.mgmhaberdashery.com 

MUA: Shawna Spice| www.blendbeautysalon.com 

Bouquet: Kfinchcreativecollection| https://www.instagram.com/kfinchcreativecollection/

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